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Barbara Jones

  • 9_resized years with Oak Street Health
  • state_IL_resized Location: Ashburn, IL

“My doctor is patient, she listens and she turns a bad feeling into a good feeling. I respect her and she respects me.”

Finding Inspiration

Because of a close, nine-year relationship with her doctor, Barbara’s care team is able to keep her accountable for lifestyle changes that have helped her diabetes, like regular exercise and watching her sweet tooth.

“One minute we’re joking and talking about family things, the next minute my doctor is back to taking care of me.”

Forming Community

Barbara also found a home at Oak Street Health as a frequent participant in community events, making new friends, exercising and learning new skills in the process.


events hosted in clinics per day prior to the pandemic

Why Oak Street Health: The Power of Personal Care

To Barbara, Oak Street Health treats her like a valuable member of the community — not a problem to solve.

At Oak Street Health, we take the time to get personal with our patients. We don’t just ask about their conditions. We build relationships that provide the context we need to create the right care plans. With Oak Street Health, patients like Barbara get a care team that has her back and social opportunities that make her feel a part of the community.

“I’ve been a patient at Oak Street Health for nine years — good years, healthy years.”