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Deborah Powell

  • 1_resized year with Oak Street Health
  • state_ilLocation: Bellwood, IL

“It was important that I could utilize my insurance, get good health and trust the people that do it. And Oak Street has done all of that for me.”

Building Trust

Before she came to Oak Street Health, Deborah was looking for a doctor that treated her like a person, not a number. In the past, she found providers talked over her head and lacked a personal connection to her care.

“It’s so important in our lives to have good, genuine healthcare. And it starts with someone or something that you trust.”

Finding Community

Now, Deborah feels respect from her doctor at Oak Street Health because they share common ground. Both Deborah and her doctor live in the same neighborhood, have mutual acquaintances and attended the same schools when they were younger. After coming to Oak Street Health, Deborah found a team she could trust to help her get the healthcare she was looking for.


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Why Oak Street Health: The Power of Local Care

We believe better patient experiences start inside a community. When patients receive treatment nearby from their neighbors, they’re more likely to form personal connections with their care providers.

By building health centers close to our patients and hiring providers they identify with, we’re able to give people like Deborah personal care and at-home assistance — while making her feel like a valuable part of her Oak Street Chicago community.


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