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Mary Peacock

  • 2_resized years with Oak Street Health
  • state_IL_resized Location: Bellwood, IL

“I feel like family — they treat you with that kind of respect. You feel the love.”

Meeting Health Goals

Before becoming a patient at Oak Street Health two years ago, Mary struggled to manage her diabetes, with frequent bouts of elevated blood sugar. After just six months at Oak Street Health’s Bellwood center in Chicago, Mary’s hemoglobin A1C levels dropped by more than 50%.


of diabetic patients at Oak Street Health had well-controlled diabetes, according to Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) metrics

Inspiring Healthy Choices

Mary attributes the significant improvement in her health to her nurse practitioner who spends quality time educating her on proper nutrition and developing a diet regimen that works for her – prioritizing both health and taste.


preventative screenings in 2021

Why Oak Street Health: The Power of Patient Wellness

At Oak Street Health, we know that without the right tools and knowledge, patients aren’t set up for success.

We take the time to explain our patients’ diagnoses, monitor their conditions, and work with them to meet their goals. Patients like Mary have the resources they need to improve chronic conditions and take proactive steps toward healthier, happier lives. We screen and treat chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, CHF, and more.