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Rita Phelps

  • 2_resized years with Oak Street Health
  • state_IN_resized Location: Indianapolis, IN

“When I call and tell them I am in trouble, they come immediately to assist me and help me with picking up my medications. They also stop by to check on me, and that makes me feel appreciated by my healthcare team.”

Improving Conditions

Before she came to Oak Street Health, Rita’s chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and recurring pneumonia kept her in the emergency room two to three times a month. After joining Oak Street Health two years ago, her care team helped control her conditions.

  • Rita has only been to the ER twice since in two years — compared two or three times a month before becoming an Oak Street Health patient

Providing At-Home Care

Rita previously grappled with the disadvantages of the healthcare system. However, that changed when she received help from our Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) team and in-home care from a nurse practitioner through our [email protected] program. These offerings provided Rita with frequent visits, urgent care, social services and elbow therapy.


in-home appointments via [email protected] and Mobile Integrated Health in 2021


reduction in emergency department visits

Why Oak Street Health: The Power of Flexible Care

Our Oak Street Health team is committed to care that’s tailored to our patients’ needs — which may not always be possible in a traditional doctor’s office. That’s why our mobile health team helps patients like Rita access care that helps them feel healthier and gain back independence.

“They have helped improve the quality of my life. I now feel like I have the ability to go out and make small trips to the grocery store, visit with friends, and help support myself and not rely on friends to help me all the time.”